by Amy Jo Martin


The book that reveals the innovative strategies behind the social media success of today’s top celebrities, brands, and sports icons. This book shows you how you can follow their lead and unleash your inner Renegade.


Words from fellow Renegades

“Renegades tells the story of trailblazing, of the in-the-moment sparks that drive innovation and change. At a moment when we have so much to learn from each other, Amy Jo’s grounded voice and passion for social media provides a catalyst to engage, connect and capture our collective capacity to empower – and provoke – a movement that can move us: forward, together, and as individual creative voices.”
– Steve Nash, two-time NBA MVP and President, the Steve Nash Foundation

“Like people who say they were in the crowd to watch Secretariat win the Belmont, so many people claim to have been an earlier adopter of social media. Amy Jo Martin is the genuine article. She was there from the beginning and has seen it all. Don’t buy this book at your own peril.”
– @darrenrovell, CNBC Sports Business Reporter

“Social media has completely transformed the way we communicate, allowing us to reach out to people affected by cancer more effectively,” said Doug Ulman, Lance Armstrong Foundation president and CEO. “Amy Jo Martin’s innovative new book serves as a valuable resource for people using social media to change the world.”
– Doug Ulman, president and CEO, Lance Armstrong Foundation

“Ever wonder what the early Western Settlers were thinking? Trailblazers willing to risk everything to explore the new world. Social media is the new Frontier, and Amy Jo Martin is handing us the GPS needed to navigate this new world. If you are selling, marketing, or branding – “Renegades write the Rules” is the book, you better be reading.”
– Rob Palleschi, Global Head DoubleTree by Hilton

“In many ways Amy Jo Martin has changed the game of how business’ and brands approach the incredible medium that is social media. She’s a masterful social media strategist, true trail blazer and will continue to be an innovative presence throughout the tech industry.”
– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Actor

“Renegades Write the Rules is an engaging read, a well-written piece and an honest look at not just social media but the spirit of adventure and the benefits of risk taking if you are willing to learn from your mistakes! Amy writes with clarity and humor and gives you the answers you are looking for to the issues of social media. It’s a fun read and full of priceless information for this digital age. As my father, Bruce Lee would suggest – use no way as way and have no limit as limitation – and Amy does just that! She is a true innovator and teacher.”
– Shannon Lee, CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises

“Don’t be fooled. Renegades write the Rules may be the perfect Social Media tutorial, but Amy’s quest is much larger than just deconstructing Twitter or Facebook. She has led the way in teaching us all how to use the latest communication channels to turn branding and marketing on their heads. No longer do organizations, advertisers or companies define the rules of the game; power now resides with the individual, the customer, the purchaser or the fan. It’s an entirely new ball game and Renegades explains why we all need to think differently in order to win.”
– Scott Reifert, Senior Vice President of Communications, Chicago White Sox

“Thanks to Renegades Write The Rules, we all have a roadmap to guide us in the process of redefining our own personal and professional brands. With this book, Amy Jo has armed us with her core “Renegade Rules” that if applied, will help us achieve success within the social space. This book isn’t just for athletes, celebrities or brands. It’s for everyone.”
– @Baron_Davis, Believer and NBA Player